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What good can be said about Hitler? Ok, he was a good leader! He really was! He was a GREAT leader, he was just.. way nutty, and a possibly insane person (both parents, one has their MFT the other PHD in Psychology) have both questioned Hitlers sanity).Albert Marrin, again, is an amazing writer. I thoroughly enjoy his style, and his works. I highly recomend the book to those reading about WWI and WWII (although brace yourself for chapter six - what a horrific man. Definitaly NOT someone I would want to meet in a dark ally somewhere, or anywhere for that matter. I might have to choke him!) Overall, wonderful writing. I cant say it was a wonderful book because it most certainly was not. By the end of it I had a little bit of a taste of how the soilders, who liberated the last remaining lives from the death camps, felt - like choking Hitler! Excellent writing.

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